How to create a bun

Posted by Lorraine | Feb 19th, 2019 | how-to | estimated read time: 1min


Start with a high, firm ponytail. This requires a good quality hair elastic or two. Twist hair and wrap around, securing with a few pins. Wrap a few hairnets over the bun and secure with many more pins – ten or so should do for shorter hair, more for longer hair. Sometimes pins can dig in to the head, taking the pins out after placing hairnets, reshaping the bun and then placing pins back in can greatly help with this. The more hairnets used the tighter the bun will be so less pins are required.

Short hair may require a hair product to keep in place. Long fringes should be pinned back. Please no headbands, they are a constant distraction for children and often fall off.









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