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Term Dates 2024

Term Dates
Term 1

Saturday 3 February – Friday 12 April inclusive

Public Holiday (no classes):
Monday March 11 - Canberra Day (classes Saturday, March 12 as normal)

Public Holiday (no classes):
Friday April 29 - Good Friday (classes Saturday, April 30 as normal)

Term 2

Monday 29 April – Saturday 6 July inclusive

Public Holiday (no classes):
Thursday April 25 - Anzac Day public holiday

Public Holiday (CLASSES AS NORMAL):
Monday May 27 - Reconciliation Day (Saturday classes, May 28 also as normal) 

Public Holiday (no classes):
Monday June 10 - King's Birthday (Saturday classes, June 11 as normal)

Term 3

Monday 22 July – Saturday 28 September inclusive

Term 4

Monday 14 October – Saturday 7 December inclusive

first trial dance class


At CBCC your child's first class is a trial class, only payable if you decide to continue the term's lessons. Please wait to pay your invoice until after your child’s first class to ensure they are settled and wanting to continue the term.

For your child’s initial class(es) please wear something comfortable and:

  • ballet: a pair of socks
  • modern: bare feet or socks and sneakers
  • tap: ballet shoes or socks. Schools shoes tend to stick to the floor.

Students already enrolled at CBCC are welcome to trial other classes, fees payable as above.

Wishing your child a wonderful time!


3 years ballet

Students 3 years old turning 4 in the current year.


Students aged 4 turning 5 in the current year.

Kindergarten (used to be called Pre-Primary)

Students aged 5 turning 6 in the current year and/or are in kindergarten.


For students aged 6 turning 7, and/or in Year 1 at school.

Pre-Grade 1

Students who were Primary in the preceding year. Suitable for students in Year 2 at school. Two ballet classes per week is recommended.

Grade 1

Students who were Pre-Grade 1 in the preceding year. Year 3 at school. Two ballet classes per week is highly recommended.

Grade 2

Students who completed Grade 1 in the preceding year. Two classes per week is highly recommended. Students may take more than one year at the level if not taking two classes per week.

Grade 3

Students who completed Grade 2 in the preceding year. Although CBCC welcomes students who wish to take ballet class once per week from Grade 1 level, please note that students need to take class twice per week to fully grasp the concept of, and achieve at, classical ballet. Taking class once per week is not enough time to secure basic fundamentals and posture which IS ballet. I'd suggest taking ballet twice per week over one ballet class AND one other style IF you would like your child to progress soundly in dance. Ballet is the baseline for all dance styles and children normally pick up tap/modern at a later stage without difficulty. They cannot do this with ballet.

Grade 4

For students who completed Grade 3 in the preceding year.

It is highly recommended that students take one lesson of Grade 5 a week. Students will not be considered for pointe work until they have attended at least 3 ballet lessons a week for 12 months. Many students will take longer to be physically, mentally and age ready to dance on pointe.

Grade 5

It is highly recommended that students take one lesson of Intermediate Foundation a week. Students will not be considered for pointe work until they have attended at least 3 ballet lessons a week for 12 months. Many students will take longer to be physically, mentally and age ready to dance on pointe.

Grade 6

Students at this level are to attend 2x Inter Foundation classes and 1x Intermediate class per week to be considered ready for pointe work. Modern class is highly recommended. Students should be at least 12 years of age and be physically and mentally ready to dance on pointe. As this exam level requires pointe work, students may not have the capacity and/or facility in order to do the examination, they may however continue progressing with their cohort.

RAD Grade 6, 7, 8

If offered, these classes are considered a performance rather than a technique class.


To be considered for an exam students are to attend 2x Intermediate classes per week, 1x Advanced Foundation class & 1x Open Class. Modern class is highly recommended.

Advanced 1

Students are to attend all Advanced 1 classes, 1 x Advanced 2 & 1x Open Class and be learning modern.

Advanced 2

As per Advanced 1.

Tap/Modern levels

As per ballet above. All students will move up to the next graded level however the ISTD work may remain the same until the work is accomplished. Most classes will move to the next level after exams March/April.


Appropriate for all Intermediate Foundation ballet students and above.

Performance Class

Suitable for Grade 2 ballet students and above who have taken ballet exams for at least one to two years, at the discretion of the Director. Modern classes, but not modern exams, are compulsory. Tap is not required. Please see more below.

ballet age requirements


ballet performance class


Our performance class provides the opportunity for ballet students to take their dance work to the next level. Students who study performance work gain a greater sense of confidence, teamwork, personal achievement and understanding of the role of ballet class.

Instilling self-sufficiency is a primary goal for this class, as it is the first major step to understanding oneself as a dancer. It is an expectation that senior students help the junior students when and where required. This will ensure that all students’ needs are met when preparing for a performance, from beginning to end – rehearsal through to packing up after a performance. Students who demonstrate or teach reflect on their own knowledge far more deeply which challenges and solidifies knowledge.

Performance class is for students Grade 2 ballet and above. There is a pre-requisite of at least one to two years of ballet exams. Students are required to maintain two ballet classes per week to grade 3 level, three ballet classes at grade 4, 5 and Inter Foundation level, and four classes at Intermediate level and above. Examinations in ballet and attendance in modern ballet is compulsory. Modern examinations from Intermediate are compulsory. For more information please email the Director.