The leading form of communication to CBCC families is via email. Please ensure we have at least one email address in which to forward news, accounts and show information etc.

Families are welcome to change or add email addresses on the Portal at any time. Student's email addresses are also welcome, however please note that accounts may also be sent to any extra emails included.

If information is of a personal nature such as exam times or show cast lists, CBCC also uses two noticeboards. The one opposite the reception desk is for general notices, the corridor noticeboard is used at show time. I will advise families by email if and when information is posted on these noticeboards.

I try not to bother CBCC families with general chit chat. If you’re keen to know more about the happenings of CBCC however, in particular our Performance Group expeditions and achievements, please log onto our Facebook page we are very very busy at CBCC!



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