Classical Ballet Centre Canberra

Classical Ballet Centre Canberra offers classes in Classical Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap and Performance Arts.

Ballet Classes Canberra

Ballet classes in Canberra is formal ballet training. Proper posture, class etiquette, and use of positions of feet and arms are emphasized. Students will learn to identify points of the room and develop muscle memory as well as increase coordination and music recognition. Class is accompanied by live piano and students can participate in the full school performance.

Jazz Dance Classes

Based on teacher recommendation. Class begins with a warm-up, isolations and stretching. Students learn fundamental jazz steps and basic movement combinations. Emphasis is on basic jazz steps and vocabulary, body placement, stretch, rhythm and musicality.

Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary dance is an expressive style of dance that combines elements of other dance disciplines such as classical ballet, jazz and modern. In contemporary classes, students explore the connection between music and movement. This is a fluid, free-form style where shapes and levels punctuate choreography. Contemporary choreography can be abstract and unpredictable, and students are challenged to draw audiences into the choreography’s story by dancing with emotion and artistry.

Tap Dance Classes

Tap dance classes in Canberra are a terrific way for dancers to develop coordination and musicality. Students start with basic steps like stamps, stomps and digs and before long they're moving on to cramp rolls, paradiddles and drawbacks. At tap class, students are taught to execute skills with precision in order to deliver a clean, crisp sound that complements the choreography.

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We accept mid-term enrolment. Fees are charged pro-rata for the remainder of the term.

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Providing a caring, supportive and positive environment fostering trust, respect and friendship. This in turn affords freedom of exploration which embraces self-understanding and acceptance of others and ourselves.


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Welcome to the Classical Ballet Centre. Our Centre offers classes in Classical Ballet, Modern (incorporating Contemporary, Lyrical and Jazz), Jazz, Tap and Performance Arts. We invite family members to our Open Weeks regularly throughout the year to view and celebrate each individual’s progress and we hold a whole school Performance at the end of each year. I hope you find our site informative and thank you for your interest.

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The benefits of ballet

Classical ballet is accessible and beneficial for all ages. There are many advantages of studying ballet including an awareness and improvement of posture, a more musical ear, ease of movement through flexibility and co-ordination, an air of grace, and an appreciation of a beautiful and time-honoured art form.

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Dance Costumes For Hire

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Our Location

We are located at Cook Hub, 41 Templeton Street Cook, the old Cook Primary School. We are in the building on the left as you come into the carpark from Templeton St. There is additional parking at the rear of the building, off Ellis St.