Fees are charged termly, based on the 2024 Fee Schedule.

New families will be charged once-only registration fee of $30.00.

Students are very welcome to trial a lesson free of charge.

For any enquiries regarding fees please contact the Director via email or telephone 0488343290. 


dance class fees


  1. Term fees are due within the first 14 days from the start of each term. Fees not paid after 21 days from the start of term will incur a $50 late fee. Fees not paid at the end of the term will incur a second $50 late fee.
  2. Fees do not include extra costs such as exam entry fees, exam coaching classes, holiday classes, costume hire and accessories for exams and end-of-year performances. For more information see the website.
  3. Fees may be paid in person via cash, cheque, bank cheque or via direct deposit. Please make cheques payable to “Classical Ballet Centre Canberra”.
  4. Pro rata adjustments are made for new students, and for at least 4 consecutive weeks within the same term for returning students upon written application prior to the beginning of term.
  5. Fees are charged termly and are based on four school terms with an average of ten weeks in each term, although there may be some variation in the length of each term from year to year.
  6. All fees are non-refundable, except on presentation of a medical certificate. There are no refunds for inclement weather or government enforced lockdown.
  7. Up to two lessons per term may be made up during term time with any age-appropriate class, except during viewing weeks.
  8. No refunds are given for public holidays.

        Sibling discounts: 2 children = 5% off total fees, 3 or more children = 10% off total fees.


  1. Students whose fees are outstanding may not be re-enrolled for the following term. Payment plans are normally available, please contact the Director.
  2. Students who are ill may be isolated and/or sent home.
  3. CBCC reserves the right to withdraw any student at any time. Current term fees will be refunded in full.
  4. Students are asked not to arrive or leave the studio wearing only dance clothes.
  5. All choreography remains the property of CBCC and may only be performed with the permission of the Director.
  6. Absolutely no gum is allowed on the premises.
  7. Physical contact is necessary by members of the faculty and assistants to demonstrate exercises, try on costumes etc. and to administer first aid.
  8. Students must wait inside the building for pick-up.
  9. Parents of children with diagnosed asthma or other serious conditions must make personal contact with the Director prior to students' first lesson. It is recommended extra asthma medication is left at reception in a named, plastic container with full instructions.
  10. Leave all valuables and money at home. We cannot be responsible for lost items.
  11. Older students are required to read and abide by the Student Code of Conduct placed on each studio door.
  12. For courtesy, students changing dance schools are asked to please advise the previous school.
  13. Students are not to participate in dance styles outside CBCC if they are available at CBCC.
  14. Students wishing to attend external summer schools, dance classes, workshops etc., outside CBCC must advise the Director.

For any enquiries regarding policies please contact the Director via email or telephone 0488343290.